JAN 13TH - MAR 3RD, 2018



Exhibition Text by Robert Zin Stark: 

We tend to believe that intention is a state of mind, frozen at the time of an event, and a change of feelings towards that event can be inconsequential. We also tend to believe that we are either in a role of master or slave in a sensual act, but our voyeurism of it is incidental. However, in both cases, the feelings we have towards the event, and our observation of the participants, allows for the ability to recreate ‘intention’ and ‘role’. 

The photographer is both master and slave to the image, both cerebral and sensuous towards it - controlling the access of voyeurism, but dependent on its subjects. Through the medium of cock, Thomas tempts the exploration of true liberation from power and judgement for participant and observer. The release of defined intention, with regard to both role and act, unleashes generative violence and healing. 

This eruption is at the core of our power to create ourselves, like a raging volcano becoming its own island.